Our two core values: people and quality.

Our teams are part of the same collective adventure.

Each year, we open new centers, to always be closer to our patients.

We’re progressing hand in hand and it’s vital for us to keep this team spirit and constant demand for high quality in our work.


Ever since our first centre opened, we’ve taken care of our patients and teams in a dynamic, human-oriented environment.

Given the success of our first centre, we were able to pursue our adventure with the opening of other centres so that more patients can enjoy the care we provide. And we’ve wanted to bring together even more skilled, keen professionals.

Centres have opened throughout France, always with the same approach and passion: a pleasant working environment for high-quality care.


Team spirit is central to our dental centres. It’s vital that each employee feels useful and effective, and works in interaction with the centre’s other professionals. When we ask our teams to tell us about their daily work, what they first mention is the human spirit of our adventure: the ties with patients and the strong bonds with colleagues.

When you join one of our dental centres, you join much more than a team. You join one big family that’s close-knit and supportive. And to ensure each employee flourishes ever more in their work, we value individual development highly. That’s why we emphasise training and mobility for every employee.


Our network is currently made up of 16 dental centres in Paris and France’s provinces (Nantes, Lille, Rouen, Lyon, Rennes, Roubaix). And it’s only at the start of its development.

Other centres are scheduled to open.

Would you prefer to work in Paris or France’s provinces? Discover our job vacancies in our different towns.